TILE Exterior recognized by lighting design community with Darc Award win
TILE Exterior is a complete system for wet locations
TILE Exterior is a scalable and adaptable system for creating exterior luminous surfaces
Cooledge SURFACES accentuate the architectural materials that define space
Cooledge SURFACES create the environment not just illuminate it

Design with Light

How would you design a space if you were able to illuminate any surface you desired — a plane, a bend or a cove. Imagine designing with light as a material rather than as a fixture. See how Cooledge helps make this possible.

Think with Light
Create with Cooledge

Experience Light

On walls and ceilings, across facades and framed views, see how designing with light leads to extraordinary spaces and places. Explore what’s been made with Cooledge in retail, office, hospitality and entertainment environments.

Craft with Light
Create with Cooledge

Create with Cooledge

Cooledge illuminates interior architectural surfaces with paper-thin, flexible products that are inspiring to design with, simple to use and easy to install. Our product ranges deliver uniform, quality light that’s efficient and (tunable white) dynamic. Like most materials on a job-site, Cooledge can be cut, sized and shaped on-site. See how Cooledge supports the realization of your design – even as it evolves.

Transform with Light
Create with Cooledge
Cooledge TILE Wins LDA 2016