The source of general illumination within architectural spaces will be the surfaces from which they are made.
Learn more about how to transform your environment with Cooledge SURFACES

Cooledge SURFACES are created by integrating industry leading illumination products with a diverse range of architectural materials encompassing fabrics and acrylics to resins and translucent stone.


  • Cooledge has a team dedicated to analyzing surface materials and how they are integrated into architecture.
  • Cooledge can provide luminous surfaces in a wide variety of forms from ceilings to walls to displays and facades.
  • In-house testing characterizes the diffusion and transmission properties of leading architectural materials to support a growing library of surfaces data.


  • Cooledge technical staff encompasses experts in LEDs, photometrics, reliability testing, materials selection, electronics, and manufacturing processes.
  • Cooledge applications experts are available to provide illuminance calculations, lighting specification support, and installation guidance.