TILE Tunable White

Tile: Tunable White

Cooledge tunable white TILEs (TILE Premium) enable the use of luminous surfaces to provide the general illumination within spaces that replicates natural lighting both in scale and through dynamic changes in colour temperature.

By using Cooledge tunable white TILEs, ceiling surfaces can reproduce the changing sky in retail shops, offices, public atriums, and residential buildings.

Luminous walls can be used to highlight merchandise in different environments or create dynamic spaces in hotels, restaurants, conference centres, and plazas.

Tunable white TILEs incorporate unique technology that ensures constant lumen output at all CCTs within the 2700K-5700K range at any dimming level between 1% - 100%.

Colour consistency across any size of installation is typically 2 SDCM at any CCT.

Tunable white TILEs can be cut to fit on-site enabling unique shapes and accommodating obstructions that are common to most luminous surfaces to create continuous luminous surfaces without shadows.

Simple installation is achieved by using an innovative snap connector design between TILEs that allows large areas to be completed rapidly without use of tools.