TILE: For Ceiling, Wall & Display

Continuous and uniform backlighting for ceilings, walls, and displays. Ideal when space is tight and low setback distances are required.


Snap connectors make installation fast, simple, and foolproof.


TILE can be cut onsite to accommodate corners, angles, and obstacles such as standoffs, sprinklers or support cables and rods.


Constant voltage design means that the same LED driver can power a single TILE or up to 50 or more tiles.


Constant voltage design means that layout changes required to meet onsite conditions don’t require resizing power sources.

Quality of Light

Typical 2 SDCM color consistency. Choice of Standard (CRI 80) and Plus or Premium (CRI 90).

TILE Products

StandardPlusTunable White
Light Output (lm)150, 300, 600150, 300, 600150, 300, 600
CCT2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, 5700K2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, 5700KTunable White, 2700K-5700K
Lumen Maintenance L80 (hr)90,00075,00075,000

TILE Resources

TILE Configuration

TILE solutions address design challenges such as varying corner conditions, angles, and obstacles with TILE Corner and TILE Cut-out Kits.

Download the Design Guide below for tips and recommendations on ceiling, wall and display applications.

Good lighting is not about generating as much light as possible, it’s about generating the right amount of light for a desired application and design.

Applications: Recommended Light Output

Light OutputCeilingWallDisplay
150lmLarge area luminous ceilingsAmbient luminance applicationsPoint of purchase (POP) fixtures
Energy code complianceHigh transmission diffuser materials
300lmDiscrete ceiling elements for general illuminationApplications that contribute to general illuminationLighter colored graphics
Large area luminous ceilings for higher levels of general illuminationStandard transmission diffuser materialsLarge scale applications where power consumption is a consideration
600lmDiscrete ceiling elements for higher levels of general illuminationHigh visibility feature/merchandise wallsDarker or multi-colored graphic materials
Low transmission diffusers materials (onyx, corian, stained glass)High visibility applications