St. Louis, MO

St. Louis, MO

Lighting Design: Lawrence Group
PRODUCT: Cooledge LINE (56mm)
SIZE/AREA: ~1300 feet
Setback: 12in (304mm)
Color Temperature: 4000K
Color Rendering Index: >80

When the Lawrence Group was called upon to design the renovation of Stifel’s 12th floor, 26,000 square foot boardroom, they knew that their design would need to incorporate the latest technologies, be a more energy efficient space, and remain true to the company’s 125-year heritage.

The boardroom features high ceilings and broad windows showcase the downtown skyline and create a sense of openness. Pushing the ceilings as high as possible required an illumination system that had a very-low profile, could deliver uniform illumination, and, critically, provided quality light that would allow the terrazzo and wood in the boardroom to retain their rich and natural appearance.

The flexible and very-thin Cooledge LINE was the perfect material selection. The low power consumption and controllability are easily achieved with the LED-based material. The ability to easily trim and fit the LINE material into the unique skylight-like space made the project that much easier to realize.

When illuminated, the uniform and natural light contributes to the open feel of the space and makes people feel comfortable in the room. The LINE material light source paired well with the various wood, metal and fabric materials that were selected. Lawrence Group’s efforts resulted in a stunning and unique room that that many would like the opportunity to work in.